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Initial Registration Application


Thank you for your interest in the EHS MFR program. Please review the information below prior to submitting your application to ensure you are eligible to apply and have completed the required training. 


There are three MFR certification levels based on training completed:


  • MFR Basic- A responder who has completed a 14-16 hour (2 Day) Standard First Aid Course with Health Care Provider CPR and MFR Bridging Session (8-10 hours of hands on education), taught by EHS Facilitators. Designated with a grey MFR registration tag.
  • MFR Advanced- A responder who has completed a 40 hour Advanced Medical First Responder program.  Designated with an orange MFR registration tag.
  • MFR Paramedic- A responder who is registered as part of the College of Paramedics of Nova Scotia. Paramedics must also be affiliated with a MFR sponsored agency. Designated with a black MFR registration tag.


The following are the requirements and documentation needed to register as an EHS MFR: 


MFR Basic and Advanced: 


  • Provide a copy of your Standard First Aid (Health care provider)/ MFR course certificate
  • Must be an active member of an MFR sponsored agency
  • Must be 19 years of age
  • MFR Basic: Must attend the MFR Bridging Session. 


  • For re-registration: you must attend sessions covering all six core competencies: 
    • AED
    • CPR
    • Airway Management
    • Assessing Vital Signs 
    • Primary Survey
    • Documentation


MFR Paramedic: 


  • Provide proof of registration with College of Paramedicine